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Allison Patrice McKenna
born Feb. 20, 1971

I am generally a happy person with moments of angst and regret as much as anyone else who is willing to admit it. I grew up in Mt. Pleasant, MI and have lived in college towns ever since. I married Doug Knudsen fresh out of college and we have two kids now, Eddie and Claire who we love to pieces. I work as the Director of Chemistry Laboratories at Kalamazoo College, which is pretty amusing to anyone who knows my history with Chemistry and that my masters degree is in Biology. I enjoy the work of managing laboratories and the stockroom though and only long for a window and maybe a bit more spendin' cash (but who doesn't?). A personal goal of mine is to live in a home that is off the efficiency is a challenge and I would like to see how to live with less energy. I love chocolate, cranberry-nut bread, and spending time with people that make me laugh. I especially love the old souls that I live with.


Running, training for triathlons, gardening, energy efficiency, composting, and finding the perfect color to paint a bathroom